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Evolfo Doofeht plays a unique style of music that bares influence from American funk, Eastern European gypsy jazz, and garage rock. This combination and the fact that they hail from all corners of the U.S. led them to coin the term Gypsy-funk. Evolfo features Berklee alumni Kai Sorensen (trumpet/vocals), Julian Moore (drums), Rafferty Swink (keyboards), Ronnie Lanzilotta (bass), and Matthew Gibbs (guitar/vocals). The high-energy group was named International Artist of the Year at the 2012 Boston Music Awards. Currently, Evolfo Doofeht is working on an album with producer Craig Welsch (Avett Brothers, State Radio, Kevin Kinsella).


from Berklee's SXSW Party: Boston & Beyond, released February 28, 2014



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