Music Production and Engineering Projects 2013

by Berklee College of Music




Studios jumping, bass lines pumping. Crowded hallways, late night sessions, music and players spilling out from every room at all hours of the day and night. Hip-hop, jazz, rock, pop, salsa, bossa, R&B, alt-country, quasi-neo-pseudo-funk-swamp-boogie. If you’re looking for it, you’re likely to find it in the Berklee Studios at 136 Mass Ave. Both electrifying and all-consuming: this is the MP&E experience at Berklee College of Music. The tracks contained herein represent some of the best student work of the past year. They offer just a taste of the MP&E student experience, an ongoing collaboration between MP&E student producers and engineers, and some of the best talent from the department and across the college: players, songwriters, singers, arrangers, artists. Enjoy!

Rob Jaczko, Chair
Dan Thompson, Assistant Chair
Music Production and Engineering Department


released May 1, 2013

1 Today (2:38)
Artist: Tal Even-Tzur Tel Aviv, Israel
Production: Marian Gomez Villota Madrid, Spain
Engineering: Manuel Ruano Guatemala, Guatemala
Tal Even Tzur (vocal, keyboard), Juana Aquerreta (vocal), Tali Rubinstein (vocal), Oren Yaacoby (guitar), Lihi Haruvi (saxophone), Jonit Spiegelman (bass), Itai Meshorer (percussion )

2 Reel Me In (4:08)
Artist: Joanna Teters New Palz, NY
Production: Carlos Perez De Anda Quito, Ecuador
Engineering: Luis Saldarriaga Bogota, Columbia
Mix engineering: Mitchell Haeuszer Celebration, FL
Joanna Teters (vocal), Lauren Fuller (piano, keyboard), Frankie Leroux (drums), Bobby Boushe (etienne bass), Mike Bono (guitar), Kalani Trinidad (flute), Craig Hill (saxophone), John Egizi (trombone)

3 Six Feet Under (3:45)
Artist: Billy Failing Portland, OR
Production, mix engineering: Dan Bui Austin, TX
Engineering: Melanie Bruggeman Los Angeles, CA
William Failing (vocal), George Clements (vocal), William Failing (banjo), George Clements (guitar), Bronwyn Keith-Hynes (fiddle), Torey Striffolino (bass), Matthew Witler (mandolin)

4 The House That I Grew Up In (2:58)
Artist, mix engineering: Raunak Mukherjee Calcutta, India
Production: Ashley Peterson San Francisco, CA
Engineering: John Huang Taipei, Taiwan
Eduardo Merceri (guitar), Keith Ong (bass)

5 Memorias del Rio (3:39)
Artist: Juana Catalina Aquerreta Buenos Aires, Argentina
Production: Javier Garcia Fernandez Maliano, Spain
Engineering: Juan Jose Lecha Otaegui San Salvador, El Salvador
Mix engineering: Pedro Alvira Gomez Quito, Ecuador
Juana Catalina Aquerreta (vocal, guitar), Andres Fonseca (drums), Jacinta Clusellas (guitar), Alejandreo Zorrilla (bass), Migue Coiz (piano), Angel Acuna (strings)

6 Circus (2:44)
Artist, production, mix engineering: Alex Sherban Lynchburg, VA
Engineering: Mitchell Haeuszer Celebration, FL
Alex Sherban (guitars), Dennis Suozzi (drums)

7 Follow The Leader (3:56)
Artist: Katie Marshall Philadelphia, PA
Production, engineering: Mario Borgatta, Reading, PA
Katie Marshall (voice and rhodes), Derek Schurbon (drums), Nick Monahan (guitar)

8 A Day at the Beach (1:39)
Artist, production, engineering: Max Landry Novi, MI

9 Wide Eyed (5:23)
Artist: Behold Oblivion Boston, MA
Production, engineering, mix engineering: Ivan Chopik, Coral Springs, FL
Engineering: Luiz Fernando Costa e Silva Sao Paulo, Brazil
Eric Lee (vocal, guitar, cello string arrangements) Jeremy Remington (guitar), Pete Cohen (guitar), Leo Gallego (bass), Dan Laird (drums), Garrett Reynolds (violin), Faith Magdalene Jones (viola), Emmanuel Kaminer (string arrangements, conducting)

10 Will The Sea (3:43)
Artist: Marny Proudfit Salt Lake City, UT
Production: Ellis Tucker Boston, MA
Engineering: Paul Mcdonald Philidelphia, PA
Mix engineering: Baines Kluxen San Francisco, CA
Marny Proudfit (vocal), Lauren Grubb (drums), Michael Wideburg (guitar), Kyle Hoviland (bass), Maria Kowalski (violin), Ro Rowan (cello), Aaron Liao (bass), Ben Adams (trombone), Ben Kamine (french horn), Drew Krasner (soprano saxophone), Niklas Rodewald (tenor saxophone), Wes Yee (trumpet)

11 Sunnytown (3:06)
Artist: Casey Sullivan Saugus, MA
Production: Marley Harmon Rock Hill, SC
Engineering: Mike Stankiewicz Mansfield, MA
Mix engineering: Will Wetzel Omaha, NE
Casey Sullivan, (vocal, acoustic guitar), Marley Harmon (piano, vibes)

12 Snow Song (4:38)
Artist: Dirty Blind See performer credits
Production, mix engineering: Peter Jacobs Stamford, NY
Engineering: Raphael Stolnicki Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Peter Jacobs (vocals, guitar, organ, tamborine, shaker), Josh Miller (guitar), Tom Panos (piano) Charles Berthoud (bass), Sean Trischka (drums)

13 Oceans (3:55)
Artist, production: Matthew Silverstein Miami, FL
Engineering, mix engineering: Greg Esposto Ardmore, PA Matthew Silverstein (vocal), Keith Mosley (upright bass), Brad Bahner (drums), Matthew Silverstein (guitar), Nate Hopkins (organ)

14 Lucky Enough (3:36)
Artist: Steph Sloan Hailey, ID
Production: Matthew Silverstein Miami, FL
Engineering: Carlos Perez De Anda Quinto, Ecuador
Mix engineering: Raul H. Chirinos Landazuri Lima, Peru
Steph Sloan (vocals, acoustic guitar) Diego Sartori (acoustic guitar), Jeremy Cohen (bass), Casey Kidd (organ), Alex Mcgillivray (drums, tamborine), Itimar Edelman (electric guitar)

15 Begging For Bandages (3:37)
Artist: Jake Bautista Los Angeles, CA
Production, mix engineering: Danny Hageman Gilbert, AZ

16 Mi vida eres tu (4:26)
Artist: Sharin Toribio Tampa, FL
Production, mix engineering: Guillermo Gimenez Marin Zaragoza, Spain
Engineering: Devin Batthacharya Santa Cruz, CA
Sharin Toribio (vocal), Antoine Katz (bass), Carles Delgado (acoustic guitar), Dave Mackay (piano), Sergio Martinez (percussion)

17 The Dove & the Boulder (4:22)
Artist: Denise Hlavinka Stephens City, VA
Production, mix engineering: Natalie Huizenga Chicago, IL
Engineering: Barry Rigby, Nico Salgado Orlando, FL, Las Vegas, NV
Deni Hlavinka (vocal, keyboard), Chris West (vocal, acoustic guitar), Max Schad (drums, electric guitar), Parker McAnnally (bass), Jon Hubbell (electric guitar), Ro Rowan (cello), Kailey Shaffer (violin), Max Wolpert (violin), Alec Alabado, (trumpet)

18 Long Ways (3:41)
Artist: Daniel Woods Chicago, IL
Production, engineering: Wendyam Emerson Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Engineering: William Wetzel Omaha, Nebraska Daniel Woods (vocals, electric/acoustic guitars), Gizmo (bass), Derek Schurbon (drums)

Music Production and Engineering Faculty:
Michael P. Abraham, Prince Charles Alexander, Mitch Benoff, Bradley S. Berger, Chad Blinman, Dan Cantor, Tony Carbone, Mike Denneen, Andy Edelstein, Matthew Ellard, Enrique Gonzalez-Muller, Rob Jaczko, Jeff Largent, Rich Mendelson, Michael Moss, Ted Paduck, Alejandro Rodriguez, Susan Rogers, David Thibodeau, Daniel M. Thompson, Leanne Ungar, Marty Walsh, Stephen W. Webber, Mark Wessel, Jonathan Wyner

Music Production and Engineering Studio Operations Staff:
Scott Mabuchi, Director of Studio Operations
Tarik Mahrour, Studio Operations Manager
Joe James, Studio Operations Scheduling Manager
Kevin Gundlach, Chris Hermann, Vassily Izumchensky, Andrew Sarlo, Studio Supervisors

Professional Writing and Music Technology Division Staff:
Adam Hand, John Lamar, Scott Miller, Burton Price, Christopher Wainwright

Executive Producers:
Kari Juusela, Dean, Professional Writing and Music Technology Division
Rob Jaczko, Chair, Music Production and Engineering Department
Dan Thompson, Assistant Chair, Music Production and Engineering Department

Production Supervisor:
Tony Brown, Special Projects Manager, Professional Writing and Music Technology Division

Production Coordinators:
Barbara Thomas, Program Associate Music Production and Engineering Department

Jonathan Wyner Assisted by Giosue Greco

Kelly Davidson and Phil Farnsworth

Special Thanks:
Roger H. Brown, President, Berklee College of Music
Carl Beatty, Chief of Staff
Larry Simpson, Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Tom Riley, Vice President for External Affairs
Damien Bracken, Dean of Admissions Office of Communications



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